Our Dishware Catalogue

Gregg Mesmer and Diane Bonciolini bring together extensive backgrounds in art glass production to create the award winning dishware you will find in this catalogue. An intrigue with color, iridescence and malleability of heated glass has inspired them to create dishware that is unique, practical and esthetically pleasing.

Mesolini dishware is created from handrolled iridescent, transparent or
opalescent glass that is "slumped" into ceramic molds during a kiln firing. The distinctive "cut off" edge, a registered trademark, results from incorporating the inherent unevenness of the raw glass.

The brilliance, elegance and durability of Mesolini dishware makes it perfect for the sophisticated glass collector, the new bride, or anyone who appreciates functional beauty. Made to be used and enjoyed, it is perfect for updating or enhancing your present dishware or china. Whether used in a casual or formal setting, pieces from the Mesolini collection will create a lasting impression.


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Each piece in this collection is signed, dated and numbered.
Recommended care of this dishware is handwashing, or in a

dishwasher using a nonabrasive liquid detergent. Care should

be given to avoid placing extremely hot foods on a cool plate

and to avoid serving foods that may require the use of a serrated

knife. The dishware is not recommended for microwave use.